The Virus Chronicles: Enough is Enough

Will Our Time in Isolation Bring Some Positive Changes?

May 7th, 2020

My sister said she has saved a lot of money since going into isolation. She is no longer buying coffee and lunches everyday or takeaway dinners during the week. These were the little treats she gave herself as a reward for the 9 to 5 slog. Instead, she is cooking at home from scratch and has even started a veggie garden.

Similarly, I have been making some economies at home. The Friday night takeaway has been replaced by homemade pizza, more delicious than any we have ever bought, and I am saving a small fortune on petrol, public transport and maintaining a business appearance.

Now that I have the time and energy to sort and launder them, I have decided that we all have enough clothes to last a lifetime. I clean the house myself rather than pay a fortnightly cleaner and we exercise by walking, gardening and doing things around the house rather than paying expensive memberships at the gym.

Our time poverty has created a culture of wastefulness, but hopefully, this is going to change.

As our leaders talk about easing the restrictions, I am noticing a change in the air. The tone on social media is more optimistic and a few more shops are beginning to open.

When I went to my local shopping centre the other day, I noticed chairs and tables stacked outside one of the cafes. They were still cordoned off behind red and white plastic tape, but at least they were there, ready to be set up again and used. And one of the clothing stores had opened. The lady stood at the door and squirted me with hand sanitiser before she let me in, but at least she was there. People lining up at the bakery talked about the “silly” rules as they stood 1.5 meters apart, on the painted feet that separated them.

A recent survey revealed that people are more worried about the economic threats of the virus rather than catching the virus itself. Australia has managed the situation very well and with the lowest rates of infection and death in the world, people are becoming restless and want to venture out again.

The other day, I watched a beautiful video about a father reading his children the story of  The Great Realisation. The story compared the world before and after the virus, with a world of rush and excess being replaced by one of peace and connection.

We have had to make many sacrifices during this isolation period. With financial constraints and lack of supply, many have been forced to live with the basics. I like to think that we have learnt something from this time.

Hopefully, we have learnt that things don’t make us happy and that it’s the love for each other that matters most. Hopefully, we have learnt that to appreciate what we have and stop chasing what we think we should have.

And hopefully, most of all, I hope we have learnt that enough is enough.

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