The Artist’s Way: Week 7 – Recovering a Sense of Connection

Significant Personal Issues Make for a Challenging Week in The Artist’s Way

Sunday, 21st June 2020

As Cameron often points out, art and life are inextricably woven together, with events in our daily lives manifesting in works of art. But on a personal level, the title of this chapter holds great irony for me this week.

I read this chapter last Sunday, when my husband and I were staying in an alpine cabin. We had a relaxing break, driving through the winding mountain roads, dining in the cosy pub and warming ourselves by the log fire he built. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my husband had arranged accommodation in a share house close to the city. And today, one week to the day of our alpine holiday, we sat in our car in the underground carpark of the local Supermarket and he told me our marriage was over.

There was another significant event this week, not of connection, but rather, disconnection. The ultimate disconnection.

My son’s childhood friend passed away, and the funeral was this week. Due to COVID restrictions, I was not able to attend so I watched the live stream broadcast from the funeral home. My son had the honour of being pall bearer and I watched on the screen as he helped wheel his mate into the hearse. He was twenty-four years old.

It is after midnight, but even after several pointless conversations with my husband and ripping through an entire basket of ironing, I am still not ready for sleep. As I settle into bed in the spare room (my husband leaves next week), I tuck into Chapter 8 of The Artist’s Way.

The title of Week 8 is Discovering a Sense of Strength.

I think I’m going to need it.

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