My COVID Anniversary – The Day Melbourne Went into Lockdown

This time last year, my then husband and I set off on a trip to Japan. It was March 13th, 2020, and there was talk of shutting down the Grand Prix. In a city where sport is sacrosanct, this seemed outrageous, but we were soon to see many of the freedoms we took for granted slowly stripped away.

My son dropped us off at the airport, on that fateful Friday the Thirteenth. My story, published in the Warrandyte Diary, is about the day Melbourne went into lockdown and the world become a very different place.

The story was given the title, “The Holiday is Over But the Journey Has Just Begun.” It was a title that was to have particular significance for me, in a year that bought seismic changes, both personally and to the world at large.

See the link below for my article, “The Holiday is Over But The Journey Has Just Begun,” in the Warrandyte Diary, April 2020.

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