Losing isn’t Everything

In achieving our goals, sometimes we lose the things we love along the way.

You would think that losing a significant amount of weight would be a good thing, and of course, it is. For almost two years now, I have been on a weight loss kick and have lost thirteen kilos and counting.

My wakeup call was when I went to sign up at the gym, and they wouldn’t let me without a doctor’s certificate. My blood pressure was too high.

Since then, I have made changes to my diet and exercise routine, and have made slow, steady progress. I feel and look better than I did.

Being able to fit into my clothes again has been great but there’s one problem; a beautiful leather jacket my husband gave me. I love this jacket because I can throw it on over anything and it looks like I have made an effort. It’s three quarter length so it keeps out the cold and my son says it makes me look like an assassin.

Well it used to. I used to fill out that jacket out nicely but now it makes me look like a scrawny scarecrow. The empty shoulders stick out and it hangs off me like a hand me down. I won’t be scaring anyone in that jacket.

And so, I have made the sad decision to put it away; it is no longer bringing me joy.

I would never have thought that my weight loss would have a downside but losing that leather jacket has been hard to take. It’s what my Year Twelve Economics teacher called Opportunity Cost; the price you pay for choosing one opportunity over another.

We are constantly making decisions in our life; the food we eat, the time we spend, the company we keep. There are the opportunities we take, and the opportunities we leave behind.

We must choose wisely, because for every success we have in life, there is always a price to pay.

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