Are You Setting Realistic Deadlines?

Three novels written by the end of the year? Two thousand followers in six months time? Finish reading the chapter before you get to off the train? Are the deadlines you are setting yourself reasonable, and do they have any real bearing on reality?

I took a train into the city the other day, and took the opportunity to finish reading a novel I have been enjoying. With only a few pages to go, I made it my mission to finish it off before I got to my destination.

As the stations flew by, I picked up the pace of my reading, skimming over paragraphs instead of savouring the last pages of what had been a very enjoyable read.

Well, I managed to have the novel read with one station to go before my stop, but instead of feeling a sense of achievement, I felt short changed.

Sure, my eyes had gone over the text and made it to the end, but how much of the novel had I actually taken in? Had I actually enjoyed the experience of reading while continually glancing out the window and looking at my watch? Of course not.

In writing as in life we all need a plan, but how seriously do we need to take it? When meeting a deadline comes at the expense of the quality of experience, then we need to revisit our plan.

We need to make sure that the deadlines we set serve our own goals and dreams and not the other way around.

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